Below you can find a selection of typical mythological creatures from Asturian culture:

-Busgosu: Lord of the forests and all its inhabitants.

-Trasgu: Elf that sneaks into Asturian houses and turns the lives of families upside down.

-Dryads: Oak trees nymphs.

-Bogeyman: Old man that wanders the streets after dark to kidnap kids and introduce them into his sack.

-Nereida: Nymphs of the sea that make appearances riding on dolphins, sea monsters or sea-horses.

-Holy Company: procession of souls that warn villagers of a forthcoming decease.

-Xana: Beautiful nymph that lives in rivers and fountains.

-Saint John´s Bonfire: Each year on the eve of 23 of June, people gather around bonfires during the magical night where everybody will try to attract good luck and expel bad spirits.

Saint John´s bonfire