Piletina was a grey chicken. Surrounded by grey friends, grey nests and grey walls… Every day was always the same. Go to your nest, lay eggs and go to sleep. Day, after day, after day…. Every night she would go to sleep hoping for better times. Night, after night, after night...

One day, in one of the dirty corners of the barn, she found a book. It was quite old and dirty, but something caught her attention. It was the title: "Create your reality".

How? could I change my reality? this is impossible… but a shadow of doubt grew in her, which made her read the book.

The more she read, the more she realised it was possible. That changing her attitude could change her whole reality. She looked at herself in the mirror and started putting it into practice. She dressed with colours and started singing, joking and feeling chirpy. At first, her barnmates thought she was crazy. And some were even angry at her for that radical change. But after a while…

Something happend. Something she would have never expected! All her barnmates starting changing. They started dressing with colours, singing, joking and feeling chirpy. How was that possible?

The last page of the book explained it all: "The world as we have created, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking".

She looked at the author of this quote and thought: This Albert was very wise….